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Nor, indeed, the customary modes of self-promotion while engaging with journalists.

His disinclination to act as salesman for his creative endeavours (we're here, ostensibly, to discuss his new album) is matched only by his inertia on being asked to recall potentially key moments from his past ("You can Google it, it's all out there," he says kindly). In New York, where he has lived for the past 22 years, Hegarty is the co-founder of the Future Feminist Foundation, a growing band of artists and thinkers united by their quest for "a shift towards more feminine systems of governance, a shift away from patriarchy and a reorganisation of our society and our civilisations".

With his pale complexion, his towering build (he is around 6ft 4in), the curtain of thick black hair and enormous beseeching eyes, he looks like he might belong to another century, perhaps even another world.

Then, of course, there is the voice, which in conversation emerges as a half-whisper but while singing turns into a beautiful, quavering falsetto.

It's a measure of the esteem in which he is held that he has been invited to curate next month's Meltdown Festival at London's South Bank, following in the footsteps of Patti Smith, David Bowie, Nick Cave and his close friend Laurie Anderson.

Not that acceptance from such institutions matters a jot to Hegarty.

"All I can do is say to them, 'You're probably right, but I feel so strongly about the way I see we're headed, that it's become my passion to do so.' I am an artist.

I'm a naïve, clumsy folk artist, but I can see still speak from my intuition and from my 40 years of observing the world. The greatest success I can have is to get these ideas over the wall and across to people." When Hegarty was young, he liked to read about pop stars in magazines, and watch them on television.

But Hegarty is, despite the apocalyptic nature of his concerns, inherently an optimist.

But often, when you're trying to put a point across, they're more interested in framing you as the source of all these eccentric ideas.

Actually, my thought with journalists is, 'Why don't we take this opportunity to have a platform to express ourselves and our concerns.'" He looks at me admonishingly.

"A lot of writers are throwing that [opportunity] away." It was perhaps daft to think that an audience with Hegarty, now 41, would be anything but unusual.

Looking back over his career, it's clear he has always operated according to his ideals, without any concern for outside approval.

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