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, based on Thai สกัด) is a boss character from the early editions of the Street Fighter series of fighting games.

He was later turned into a regular, playable character.

Like the other bosses, he became a playable character in subsequent revisions of the game.

He also appears in the prequel series Street Fighter Alpha.

While Sagat's goal in the second World Warrior tournament was a clean and honorable rematch with Ryu, his hopes were eclipsed when Ryu was knocked out of the competition, therefore he dropped out of the tournament before his next match, finishing third in the tournament.

Sagat continued to train his body and mind in Thailand, hoping to become the world's strongest fighter once again before he became too old to do so.

To break Bison's mind control, he implored to Ryu that a true warrior would not give in to such treachery.

Sagat made his first appearance in the original Street Fighter.

After the player defeats the eight initial opponents, their character Ryu (or Ken Masters on Player 2's side) is taken to Thailand to face the final two opponents: Adon, Sagat's apprentice, and Sagat himself.

Sagat replies that he "actually had fun" because he "met an old friend" (presumably Ryu).

Sagat encompasses a stereotypical "proud fighter" personality, since he is very powerful, prideful and strong-willed as well as hard working and dedicated in body and spirit to martial arts life.

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