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The official average salary is computed per country and is totally irrelevant, as many Romanians (40% are not even working officially so even unemployment figures are misleading: they report 4-6% unemployment rate, but they count only the people that asked for help and that were eligible, that is for a maximum of 6 months, after that they go hobo.

So by what I can see from friends, brothers, their friends, parents, etc, the unemployment rate goes between about 15% in Bucharest to 39% in other large cities from South and East of Romania like: Craiova, Galati, Iasi, Constanta, and up to 70% in small, almost deserted towns, so the tragic situation of the country is a "state secret" officially, unofficially is the secret fueled by our corrupt politicians, they are not the state, only some mafioso that went political.

The top subscription at private hospitals is around 50 EUR per person and it starts at 15 EUR. Will share my story to whomever wants to move in to Bucharest. I moved to Bucharest a year ago, came here to same salary (NET) i had in another EU country.

Married, with 2 small children (a newborn and a 3y.o. - In IT sector (up to PM role if I am not mistaken) you have 0% income tax, if your university diploma is recognized by the Romania's Gov.

@Dom 2400 EUR in Bucharest is definitely worth the same or more than 3200 EUR equivalent in UK, even in smaller/cheaper towns, let alone major cities, or God forbid, London, where you are almost a busker with this income :) #dom, I earn the same in Bucharest and after paying rent (centrally), food (1 meal daily in town food for home) and other small things I am able to save 1600-1800 euro.However some people really need to have these center locations, especially firms that have small offices in those apartments.As there is a subway, this does not felt as a tragedy for the people living permanently in Bucharest, but it is often described as "hell", or "nightmare" by the Romanians coming from other Romanian cities and towns.Another "secret" (Polichinelli's secret, as everyone knows about it, but only our corrupt politicians pretend this is not true), is that beside the real unofficial unemployment rate that beat the world record of all time (even for war zone states like Siria, going on average to 45-60% of active population), so another "secret" is the Bucharest population, that officially is still at 2 million, although in the last 20 years they built more than 20.000 blocks of apartments, and many people still live crowded and pay rent, so nobody knows the real sum, but some say it's between 3 million to 4 million and the Ilfov county (metropolitan area of Bucharest) between 5 to 7 million people - but this should not wonder anyone since the corrupted politicians conducted us (by stupid-animal instinct) to a South-American-Mexican oligarchic model with a single super-city where 70% of the entire country's business is run and the rest of the country with 30%.I don't see an Edit button, so I forgot to mention that it's worth renting an apartment in the Bucharest center, but not to buy one, as the rent price is only double relative to the outskirts but the buying price is 10 to 20 times larger.

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