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--- According to the notes the similarities between these two are: Orange blossom, Night blooming cereus, rose, sandalwood, tonka, vanilla You can make your own judgment call about (2002) Mandarin leaf vs (2012) Mandarin.The remaining differences are: (2002) Mulberry flowers (I have no idea why Fragrantica lists this as "Blackberry" but even on the Fragrantica page text it says Mulberry flowers, not blackberry.) And Jasmine is listed in the notes but also not in the text, I think Fragrantica tried to make the connection of "Night queen flower" which can mean Cereus or Night blooming jasmine, so I think that's where the discrepancy is coming from.But for what its worth it is definately worth seeking out a vintage bottle.

In the first moments, there's a sweetness that's rather off-putting, and I almost didn't spray it on my skin. The sweetness faded almost immediately, and left a gorgeous powdery, floral vanilla. Wearing a sample I received awhile back and accidentally sprayed on myself this morning.

The bottom did not have a sticker but instead had the Dior info stamped on in matte gold foil (unlike 20 version which both had stickers with batch code stamped in a designated spot on the sticker.) Also the 20 bottles did not have the gold rim around the neck whereas the 2012 did, which differentiates them as the oldest versions and the newer version (not counting the latest 2014 offering.) That's it for the outside bottle differences, onto the scent itself. 2012, the 2002 definitely smells sweeter and my pick for favorite.

However beyond the extra sweetness, these scents feel 95% the same.

ETA - 4 hours later the 2002 arm smells sweeter than the 2012 arm.

The scent reminds me of minty herbalish talcum powder my late mother used to use for my back when I had an allergy. to my nose the tonka bean & sandalwood are very dominant here, too oriental for my taste. At the time of addicts release I found the vanilla much too cloying for my taste and never resonated with it.

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