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Women, however, remained in the workplace and the liberal provisions of the 1964 constitution were largely upheld.

Women began to be more restricted after Hekmatyar was integrated into the Islamic State as Afghan Prime Minister in 1996.

He demanded for women who appeared on TV to be fired.

During the violent four-year civil war a number of women had been kidnapped and some of them raped.

There were around 190 female professors and 22,000 female teachers.She was the only woman to appear on the list of rulers in Afghanistan and was credited with having been one of the first and most powerful Afghan and Muslim female activists.Queen Soraya, along with her husband's, advocacy of social reforms for women led to a protest and contributed to the ultimate demise of her and her husband's reign.Her office was moved to Quetta in Pakistan, where she was assassinated in 1987.The Afghan Women's Council (AWC) (also known as the Women's Council) was an organization under the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (1978-87) and the Republic of Afghanistan (between 1987-1992).

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